Looking north east to Foundry Bridge

Norwich Station 1973

I got up at eight o’clock when mother woke me; Fido was very pleased to see me and later I took him for a walk in my old trousers because the weather was so bad. I let him chew up my old hat. I had toast and marmalade for breakfast and then drove up to Norwich railway station. Dad was still asleep when I left. It cost me 17p to park in the Clarence Road car park, overlooking the station. I bought my ticket and some papers to read on the train. As I waited on the platform the sleet was falling, but by the time I got to London it was neither cold or wet. I sat next to two school mistresses on the train who were talking very loudly about education.

Our train arrived at Liverpool Street at twenty to twelve. I had lunch at the Copper Kitchen in Eldon Street (not far from the station). I had chicken soup, pizza and cherry pie and custard, which I paid for in Luncheon Vouchers. (As a businessman Dad had access to these.) I was looking for machinery dealers – I tried one in Tabernacle Street; they did not have what I was looking for, but it is very interesting to find all the industrial equipment for sale so close to the City of London. I then went on long walk to Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road tube station. At Ryan’s I did find plenty of machinery – Myford lathes, lots of big drills and circular saws. I bought a little felt mop to go in a hand drill, and a HSS counter-sink.

I went to Piccadilly Circus; by then I had been on my feet for hours and needed to rest them. I went into a cinema and spent an enjoyable half hour or so watching Donald Duck, Pluto, Goofy and Movietone News. When Road Runner came round for a second showing it was time to leave to go and meet sister Tig. I got on the underground to Waterloo. Had a snack which included a Swiss roll made with real cream. I read the papers while waiting for her train. When she arrived with her Suki I thought her dog looked rather fat compared to my dog Fido. We all got in taxi to go to Liverpool Street – Tig, me, Suki and her luggage; I thought that it was preferable to going by tube with all that, though rather more expensive. There were a lot of Army Cadets at the station on their way to camp in Dortmund.

It was still daylight when the train left London at 7.36. We had a comfortable journey after we left the open coach (where a fluorescent light was flashing) for a compartment coach. We had a compartment all to ourselves – what the unsociable English always hopes for! At Norwich the train stopped at the far end of the platform, but luckily we were at the front of the train. When we got home Fido was of course very pleased to see us. Dad had taken him for a walk at lunch time. We had rosé wine with our supper to welcome Tiggy home.




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