You may not have noticed but this blog has just passed a significant milestone – 100,000 hits. I think in my first month I reached 27 hits in total – not bad for a brand new enterprise, I suppose. I was helped in reaching today’s total by a blog I did on Viking Coins, which produced 16,000 hits in one day in January 2013 through exposure on Reddit.

What I am quite pleased about is that all this publicity has been achieved without my spending a penny on my blog or advertising it. The publishers Wordpress may get some money from the adverts which sometimes appear on this page; I do not know because I never see any myself. They keep any advertising off my computer.

Anyway, I hope that the popularity of my blog reflects my style – a mixture of local history and personal memories, together with my lifetime’s collection of photographs. When I was busy taking them I could have had no inkling of the use I would later put them to; but I am so glad that I did, and that I kept them safe.

I am always glad to get comments on my blog and I always try to reply to them. Every view of the 100,000 is important to me, and I always want more feedback not less. Here’s to the next milestone – a million hits!

[Good old auto-correction- it just tried to turn East Anglia into east Angola! Artificial intelligence has some way to go before I will feel threatened by it.]




2 responses

  1. Joseph has gone viral.


  2. Congratulations on your blog milestone~ Have so enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to more ! Thank you for sharing your experiences and memories of life in E. Anglia.


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