This finely turned out horse drawn transport was used at the 1977 Royal Norfolk Show to take the prize and the committee members to the family group (cow and calf category) competition. As you can see it was lovely summer’s day.  I remember prize giving day very well as I earned £20 for photographing it! £20 was a good sum of money back then. I had decided, on a whim, to go to the Show, and took my camera and equipment box with me. It was a SLR camera – not a particularly good one, a Praktica- but I must have looked the part because of my box of equipment. I was seized on by the Colman’s PR girl (Colman’s had donated the prize). “The company photographer has not turned up; could you do the honours, paid of course?” Naturally I agreed.


First I got a trip round the ring inside the Colman’s Mustard Omnibus. We waited to one side while the judging took place.  Then I had to get out and hop round with my camera, trying to look authentically professional, photographing the winning cow and calf. Luckily there was a real press photographer there too, and I could imitate the way he squatted down to get suitable low level views. I must have snapped the bus as well; that was one slide I did keep for myself – and here it is  Then it was back on board the bus to leave the ring again. It only took 10 minutes at the outside – a very well paid 10 minutes.

In Royal terms 1977 was a significant year, and Colman’s threw in a Silver Jubilee mustard pot and tin of mustard as well!  It only remained to get the film developed and send off the slides. I don’t remember anything else about the Show but I remember my unexpected omnibus ride very well. I have never been to the Royal Norfolk Show since. Nothing could beat that day in June 1977, and I decided to go out on a high.

LLEDOI don’t suppose that the omnibus advertised Colman’s Mustard when it was built. Today the Colman’s mustard omnibus is kept at the Hillside Shire Horse Sanctuary at West Runton in North Norfolk. (Note of 10/10/2014: Ithis information comes from Chris Woodyard the Caretaker).

There is a Lledo DAYS GONE model of this omnibus- see the picture to the left. What else can i tell you about Colman’s mustard? I know that the collection of silver mustard pots which Colman’s built up over many years was sold and dispersed when Reckitt was separated from Colman Foods and the Norwich based company found new owners in 1995. 


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  1. Hi in Chris woodyard caretaker at hillside animal sanctuary west runton where Coleman horse drawn bus is in the museum there with kind regards Chris woodyard


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