Welcome to Germany

Tourism in GERMANY


This is a jolly little brochure, aimed at the English tourist. The pictures show mountaineers, miners, shepherds and brewers all carrying on in a generally earnest but genial way their daily lives. It is a happy picture of life in Germany. Or perhaps I should say it is a thoroughly creepy view of the Fatherland. For this is Germany, 1938.

The maps are jaunty affairs, with only the occasional picture of marching troops. The text is welcoming but has quiet word in your ear; don’t meddle in our politics as you enjoy our distinctive culture. If you were English you were apparently a valued guest. I am not so sure there were similar brochures in the Czech or Polish languages.  The Sudetenland was occupied in the same year, 1938. Somehow the marching troops seem not so jolly.

Consider the bathing scene in the top left hand corner of the cover picture. Out to sea there is a Kraft durch Freude (Strength through Joy) liner flying the Swastika flag, while a similar banner flutters from the bathing hut.

Is there an East Anglian connection to this post? Only this- I found the map for 10p in a box of ephemera in a shop in Holt a few years ago



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