This is a model of Worstead Church, both finished and in the making. It was made in the summer of 1973 by me and my father for one of my Canadian nephews. We were lucky in having the architectural drawings prepared by my cousin Andrew Anderson to follow. (He had done them for renovation work he was doing on the church.)

South elevation, Worstead church

South elevation, Worstead church

It was built mostly out of plywood, cut out on an electric jigsaw. It was painted in acrylic artist’s colours, first an overall mortar effect and the the flintwork stippled on using using a rubber finger pad which had useful prickles all over. The roof was covered in real lead (we were not very safety conscious in those days) made of 1 point printer’s leads. I did think of imitating the stained glass by photographing the originals and mounting the colour slides in the windows, but it would have needed interior illumination to show them up. The idea was a good one but the amount of extra work was excessive.

It was already an work of some effort. In the end the windows were left unglazed. It was in 72nd scale to fit my nephew’s model railway  though it would have seemed like a cathedral in size. The finished model was displayed at the Worstead Festival before being sent to Canada. My sister tells me she takes the model out every Christmas.

Note the hammer beam roof and the rood screen.

Note the hammer beam roof and the rood screen.

These pictures show the church being built in the workshop at 29 Surrey Street.  The headless man leaning on the bench is my father. As you can see there was a lot of interior detail, like the roof beams, which is never seen in the finished church.

Work in progresss

Work in progresss

Click on this link to see what goes on at Worstead Festival forty years on. www.worsteadfestival.org/

Joseph Mason



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