This is an illustration from one of my father’s notebooks while he was being trained as an instrument technician in the Second World War. He was in the RAOC, and his branch of the Ordinance Corps later became part of REME; by then he had been invalided out with flat feet. He was based at Woolwich Barracks, but the address he gave in the notebook was Howe Rectory in Norfolk. He had moved his young family in with the Revd Claud Trendell, the parson of Howe and Poringland. My father had been recruited into the army and his wife and the two little girls had nowhere to go!  They had been living in Poringland, but the rent of their bungalow was too much for a private’s pay, and the Rector of Howe and kindly stepped in to put them up. My father’s name appears on Howe church war memorial; no residents of the village lost their lives to enemy action during the Second Word War, so their memorial is to all “those who served”.

The village had not been so fortunate during the First World War and the names of those who fell are recorder in an ornate triptych.

Another resident of Howe was Ben Burgess of the local agricultural implement sales company (still going), who they got to know quite well. Howe is a quiet corner of Norfolk.

Howe church.



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