I have mentioned my cousin Andrew Anderson in a previous post. (I now let you have a rather more recent picture of him.)  He was a keen yachtsman and glider pilot in his leisure time, and an architect by profession, but he is also a graphic artist. His favoured media were woodcuts and linocuts. His best known design is without doubt the logo of Norwich City Football Club. Not that many Norwich fans would associate it with his name. Back in the 70s or early 80s, when the current design was introduced, he was a regular at Carrow Road. For his efforts he was paid the magnificent sum of £10.  The logo is beginning to show its age by the fact that the football on which the canary perches has a row of laces. Footballs always had laces to get to the bladder inside when I was growing up.

His work increasingly took him to East Yorkshire and he has lived there for many years, although he is now retired. If he still lived in Norfolk I am sure he would be a frequent fan at home matches.

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