Marco Polo

I must explain my recent lack of new posts by a cruise on the ship Marco Poloto to  eplore the Norwegian fjords. The visit brought home to me the motivation for the Viking’s attacks on this country over a thousand years ago. Norway is a beautiful land, but it also a rocky and barren one. Compared to that, even the hills of the Scottish Highlands must have been an attractive prospect of fertile acres.

M.V. Marco Polo

The ship we went on is quite old, having been launched in 1965, but she is well maintained. She was built in [East?] Germany for the Russians to operate on the transatlantic run from Leningrad to Montreal. Her original name was Alexandr Pushkin.

I went on a 7 night cruise with my wife, Molly and we had a great time, even if I found it a little tiring. The accompanying photo was taken by her at our first stop at Eidfjord.



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