I say ‘Let’s go and have a meal.’
You say without remorse
‘Where does the money come from?’
I say ‘The mint’s the source.’

I scan the menu with a frown
That spreads across my face,
And wonder if the fish with herbs
Is called the thyme and plaice?

The waitress comes with bread and wine.
I think they’re mixed (almost),
For you have got my crusted port
And I have drunk your toast.

At last we both are ready now,
A groomed and coiffured pair.
I have carved your rabbit;
You have cut my hare.

You ask me where my manners are
(The habit of a wife).
‘To use a knife for eating prunes!’
But it IS a pruning knife!

A vase of pinks: a bowl of greens:
A table full of hues.
You can have my oranges,
‘Cause I have got the blues.



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