The biggest dinosaur of all

Was over fifteen storeys tall.

Although a little short on sense,

In other ways he was immense.


To go with his enormous height

He had a monster appetite.

For breakfast he would eat a tree

And for his lunch another three.


Yet, unlike soup and Irish stew,

He found his diet hard to chew

And, to assist him with his snack,

He used a Scolosaurus’ back.


This beast, though softer underneath,

On top was like a file, with teeth,

And, held in a gigantic paw,

It made a perfect diner’s saw.


It was a horrid life to be

A piece of reptile cutlery.

Not a career that anyone

Would want for daughter, or for son.


The Scolosaurus’s solution?

-A rapid burst of evolution.

In less than half a million years

Its back was smooth from tail to ears.


The monster, with his saw now blunted,

Could not feast, and grew up stunted

And with their fates so closely linked

Both species thus became extinct.



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