Tourists and ramblers in Norfolk are familiar with the North Norfolk Railway and Marriot’s Way, as two remaining vestiges of what was once an important transport system, the Midland and Great Northern Railway.

Melton Constable waiting room

Melton Constable waiting room, 1963

When the major part of the M &G N system closed to passenger traffic in 1959 one short section remained open. This was the branch from Melton Constable to Cromer, serving Holt, Weybourne and Sheringham. For a time through trains were routed from Liverpool Street to Melton, and a diesel multiple unit service ran from Norwich Thorpe. Steam continued in use, at least for goods trains; I recall standing as a small boy on the Greshams Junior School playing field while a B12 shunted in the yard across the road. The year would have been 1960. Fifty years on, and the trackbed is now the Holt Bypass, the grey brick station is long demolished, and the signal box has been removed to Weybourne.

[In 1963, about a year before its eventual closure, my father and I made two journeys on this route from Norwich to Melton. The first trip was recorded on movie film, and the second in black and white photographs .]



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