There is a feller I could foller,
In rhyming sense to make a dollar;
The source of this poetic cash,
Is Ogden Nash.

Or if I want to make a pun,
But my poor brain can’t think of one,
-I know I shouldn’t, but I could ,
By robbin’ Hood.

When the Queen’s English will not do,
And nonsense words are used in lieu
Of words dressed in their right apparel;
In lieu is Carroll.

Then, if the  rhymer need a word
That don’t exist, then the absurd
Will tease the brain and please the ear;
Like Edward Lear.

Among the Poet’s garden herbs,
Old Herbert knew his nouns and verbs;
Not George;he was a mighty tree.
I mean A P.

But if I have to make a choice,
I’d hope to speak with Belloc’s voice.
Existing in the uplands, where
I’d breathe hill air.



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